Hello blog fam! Its been a while. I've honestly missed this--blogging, and connecting with you guys. I hope you've been doing great. So I know it's Tuesday already here but I started working on this post on Monday so can we just assume it's Monday again. (it should be Monday somewhere in the world. Alaska?) … Continue reading FIRST || INSPIRATION MONDAY 



Hello guys! Wuu2?  For sometime now I've been pretty much into spoken words (poems that are scriptural). There's just something that words do to your mind and spirit that's unexplainable. That got me thinking.  Words.  Mere words.  Are they that powerful?  The Bible says that God's Word is alive, active and working. Sharper than a… Continue reading SPOKEN WORDS || INSPIRATION MONDAY 

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Hello guys! How are you doing? Hope you had a restful weekend. I'm really excited about today's inspiration Monday. Last week I was on YouTube and I accidentally clicked on the wrong video. Well, I believe 'accidentally' doesn't exist because everything happens for a reason (I think I should write on that someday).  Long story… Continue reading YOU ARE AWESOME || INSPIRATION MONDAY 


Summer 2017 Highlights (Part 2)

Hello everyone! How's your day been? Let's keep the intro short.  Basically this me telling you how my summer went (in bullet points!)  Ha!    7. 300 followers on Instagram! This summer, I reached 300 followers on Instagram!!!! OMG. I'm so grateful to my instafam and friends. Thank you so much for making my social… Continue reading Summer 2017 Highlights (Part 2)

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Moving Forward || Inspiration Monday 

Hello! Hello!! Hello!!!  What's up beautiful peeps?  So it's a brand new week, and as usual I like to start with something inspiration(y) 😁.  Today I just want to encourage. Encourage you to MOVE FORWARD  I found this really cool acronym online for the word Forward   F-Focus  O-On  R-Real  W-Wins  A-And  R-Reduce  D-Distractions Many people… Continue reading Moving Forward || Inspiration Monday