Still feeling pink(y) || OOTW 

Aloha beautiful people! So summer is finally here! Can I hear an amen! 🙌 Firstly I would like to thank all of you guys for the amazing comments I've been receiving every time I post an OOTW. It literally makes my day. here's a virtual hug from me😊😊 So here my pick for this week's... Continue Reading →


You have a purpose || INSPIRATION MONDAY 

Hi guys. How's your day going? I hope it's going great.  So yesterday, sadly, I was unable make a post for today. I'm really really sorry 😔. Fortunately, I found a really great video that is definitely inspirational enough to make up for it.  I'm sure you guys'll love it. Please listen and be blessed... Continue Reading →


Hi guys!  It's taken me ages to make this blog post- almost 3 weeks to be precise. I'm really sorry.  Actually, my phone's been having issues, my phone charger's been having issues, the WiFi at home was having issues, basically a lot of things have been having issues.  I've also been super lazy 😶 I... Continue Reading →

Have you ever?

Have you ever written, typed or read a sentence and then began to stare at a particular word in that sentence. As you stare, you unconsciously start mouthing the word. At first, you begin to wonder if the spelling is right. How could it not be right? An everyday word, but for some unknown reason,... Continue Reading →

Preppy in pink || OOTW 

I always look forward to these OOTW posts because they're so fun. Picking out outfits, taking pics and sharing them has actually become one of my favorite things to do. For today's post I decided to change things up a bit- by wearing heels! Don't act so surprised. I'm a girly girl 😊. Hope you... Continue Reading →


Hi guys! Hope you're having an awesome day or week. I was supposed to post yesterday but I was having a lazy day episode, plus it was raining and I dunno... I guess I didn't really feel like doing anything. But then I came across a comment on my last post here and I was... Continue Reading →

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