The Other Day

Hi guys. So sorry for not posting on Monday. I wasn't feeling too well. Had a cold 😷. The weather's been pretty cold cause of the constant rain. But I’m okay now! Back to blogging 😊 So the other day, I was going through twitter and I saw this pic by sofyay. From Visually. It was... Continue Reading →


Black meets blue || OOTW

Hey guys! Wuu2?😜 Today is the day where I share my fav outfit of the Week with you guys. I'm so excited about this one because this was the outfit I wore for my baby brother's high school grad! Yh. Congrats class of 2017! You guys made it. Wishing you a bright and beautiful future!... Continue Reading →

The Other Day

Hi guys! How’s your day going? Sure hope its going fine. Today post is a brand new feature on the blog. The idea was gotten from the last Have you ever post. I wanted to make a post each week (or so) where I just blab about random, funny, weird or actually important stuff that... Continue Reading →


Hellooooo WP/Internet fam! What’s good? So right now, it’s a few minutes to midnight and I’m sleepy as hell, but I know it just won’t be right if I made yet another excuse for not posting. And so, I’m off my lazy ass and back to work. HALLELUYAH! So where were we Yh. About two... Continue Reading →


HELLOOOOOH BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!  So yeah, it's been approximately 7 days since my last post and some of you guys might've been wondering where the hell I've been! We'll I've been doing fine, thanks for asking (or not asking). I know I'm behind schedule on a lot of posts like inspiration Monday, this week's OOTW, award posts and the... Continue Reading →

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