Black meets blue || OOTW

Hey guys! Wuu2?😜

Today is the day where I share my fav outfit of the Week with you guys. I’m so excited about this one because this was the outfit I wore for my baby brother’s high school grad! Yh. Congrats class of 2017! You guys made it. Wishing you a bright and beautiful future!

It was really nice revisiting my high school after almost 4 years. Hasn’t changed much tho, except the pool (Yh, they got a swimming pool now. Neat!)

So Yh, outfit! Here it is. Hope you like the pics ❤

Met this sweetheart yesterday. She’s all grown up now but she’s making us proud!
Meet my (not so baby-ish anymore) brother!


The top is by h&m

I think I got the jeans off a street market

The shoes, of course, are by Nike

No make up on. Just a lippy 💄


Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend! 😘


See more pics on my Instagram and Facebook






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