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The Other Day 

So the other day I was listening to this song on my phone-- Jesus you're beautiful to me by Cece winans--while getting ready for the day. OMG guys, that song brought back soooo many memories!! I remember when I was 5 years old, I danced to that same song in my church at home with… Continue reading The Other Day 


Summer 2017 Highlights (Part 2)

Hello everyone! How's your day been? Let's keep the intro short.  Basically this me telling you how my summer went (in bullet points!)  Ha!    7. 300 followers on Instagram! This summer, I reached 300 followers on Instagram!!!! OMG. I'm so grateful to my instafam and friends. Thank you so much for making my social… Continue reading Summer 2017 Highlights (Part 2)

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Moving Forward || Inspiration Monday 

Hello! Hello!! Hello!!!  What's up beautiful peeps?  So it's a brand new week, and as usual I like to start with something inspiration(y) 😁.  Today I just want to encourage. Encourage you to MOVE FORWARD  I found this really cool acronym online for the word Forward   F-Focus  O-On  R-Real  W-Wins  A-And  R-Reduce  D-Distractions Many people… Continue reading Moving Forward || Inspiration Monday