I think I can control TIME!!! 😜⌚ || GIST

Hey guysssssssssss!! Welcome to Gist, a new section on the blog where I kind of just bore you guys to death over stuff that's happened. Jk. But really, I think this is kind of like a spin off of 'the other day' which was also a segment on the blog that I did something a... Continue Reading →


My top 5 food cravings of the month 🍽️| January Favs

Few hours to a new month guysssssssssss!!! So let's have some favourites, shall we? Here are my favourite foods for the month of January   5. Chinese Ever since last semester when I visited the 'not so Chinese but I guess it's good enough' Chinese restaurant in school, my life has never remained the same... Continue Reading →


Indescribable, uncontainable, You placed the stars in the sky and You know them by name. You are amazing God All powerful, untameable, Awestruck we fall to our knees as we humbly proclaim You are amazing God   This is the first song that came to my mind that really describes how I feel right now. ... Continue Reading →

Goals for the New Year (Fail) 

Hello beautiful people! How've you all been? Hope you're having a wonderful week and year so far. So I'm guessing that you've read through title of this post and you're probably wondering whether I've been living under a rock or something for the past 26 days. Yh, I know. It's kind of late to be... Continue Reading →

To the New Year

2018 T W E N T Y - E I G H T E E N Officially marks 18 years I've lived on the planet, soon to be nineteen. It's been one hell of a journey till now. I've had my fair share of pure joy and equally had those not so great days when... Continue Reading →


Issa new year in a bit!!!!! Hope you're ready!!! I woke up really hyped but not just because it's new years eve. It was mostly because I was so excited to try on the new makeup I just bought a couple of days ago. To see my Makeup Haul post click here Well, I tried my best... Continue Reading →


Hi guys!  So it's a few hours it'll the new year and some of us are super excited while some aren't as stoked as others.  Some look at 2017 in all its glory and reminisce the happy memories.  Others look at the failures and the 'what could have beens'.  But I want to encourage everyone... Continue Reading →

Makeup Haul!!! 💄 

Hello beautiful people!! Welcome back to the blog! Before I start, let me first apologise for not posting for the last two days. I'm sorry. Some things came up and I was really busy. But today, even though right now my battery is 8%, and I can't charge my phone any time from now, I... Continue Reading →

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