Hello blog fam! Its been a while. I've honestly missed this--blogging, and connecting with you guys. I hope you've been doing great. So I know it's Tuesday already here but I started working on this post on Monday so can we just assume it's Monday again. (it should be Monday somewhere in the world. Alaska?) ... Continue Reading →


The Other Day

Hi guys. So sorry for not posting on Monday. I wasn't feeling too well. Had a cold 😷. The weather's been pretty cold cause of the constant rain. But I’m okay now! Back to blogging 😊 So the other day, I was going through twitter and I saw this pic by sofyay. From Visually. It was... Continue Reading →

The Other Day

Hi guys! How’s your day going? Sure hope its going fine. Today post is a brand new feature on the blog. The idea was gotten from the last Have you ever post. I wanted to make a post each week (or so) where I just blab about random, funny, weird or actually important stuff that... Continue Reading →

Have you ever?

Have you ever written, typed or read a sentence and then began to stare at a particular word in that sentence. As you stare, you unconsciously start mouthing the word. At first, you begin to wonder if the spelling is right. How could it not be right? An everyday word, but for some unknown reason,... Continue Reading →

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